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Pouched Prescriptions Cut Carer Medication Time by Two-Thirds.

A recent study, based on data collected from over 2,000 service users enrolled in PillTime's care services and involving registered managers, highlights that pouched prescriptions significantly reduce medication round times, saving more than an hour for two-thirds of carers.

  1. The research shows that pouched prescriptions save up to an hour per medication round, increasing staff confidence and reducing stress and time pressure.

  2. 42% of respondents reported saving between 30 minutes and 1 hour on each medication round, while 25% saved between 1.5 and 3+ hours.

  3. Half of the respondents reported reduced stress and pressure of administering medication to residents, and nearly 60% said it also reduced administration errors.

  4. An independent study at Salford Royal Hospital confirmed that pouched medications save care providers 51 minutes per week, leading to substantial monetary savings for care homes.

Pouched Prescriptions | What does the data say?

The latest customer research from a leading digital NHS pharmacy has found that pouched prescriptions are helping to save up to an hour per medication round – increasing staff confidence while reducing stress and time pressure.

The data was taken from a sample size of registered managers from the more than 2,000 service users who signed up for PillTime’s care services and were questioned about the impact of the pouched prescription service on their care provision.

The responses saw 42% report saving between 30 minutes and 1 hour on each medication round, while a quarter saved between 1.5 and 3+ hours.

Critically, half of all respondents also reported that pouched prescriptions reduced the stress and pressure of administering medication to residents, while almost 60% said it also reduced administration errors.

These time-saving benefits highlighted by the latest data echoed an independent study at Salford Royal Hospital, where pouched medications were shown to save care providers 51 minutes a week. A figure which, when held up against a carer’s weekly salary, equates to a £792 saving – meaning over a year, a 28-bed care home could save as much as £22,000.

This digital offering is just a raft of new technology-based solutions designed to aid care providers in their day-to-day roles as the social care sector continues to undergo significant digital transformation kick-started by pandemic restrictions.

Responding to the research, one care provider demonstrated the benefits of pouched medications and PillTime’s Care Service to care staff. Earl Thomas, a nurse at The Limes, said: “Since using the PillTime pouches we have found increased efficiencies within the administration processes. We no longer spend long lengths of time having to de-blister several different medications for patients, nor do we have to continually return to and from the clinic in search of medication.”

Another care provider stated: “Staff are much happier doing medication rounds as it saves time and reduces errors, and time is saved doing second checks."

Peter Thnoia, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at PillTime, said: “Our Care Service was developed specifically to address some of the key concerns and issues facing our social care sector. With staffing and funding shortages, time is precious, so anything we could do to save time for our care workers felt important for us to achieve as a business."

“Digital transformation is a powerful tool for social care and healthcare as a whole, helping to provide more positive outcomes for the most important people: patients and residents. Ultimately, many care workers are in the sector because they desire to help and look after people. Increased admin as well as time-consuming – but important – compliance tasks can hamper the delivery of the high-quality care which care home residents need and deserve. We are encouraged by the latest research results and will continue to invest in and find ways to support this crucial sector.”

Recognising the time-saving benefits of pouched prescriptions for care providers, alongside the pressure faced by care staff, PillTime recently launched its ‘Shared Moments’ campaign. The initiative sees care workers nominate themselves or colleagues alongside the people they care for to spend meaningful time together enjoying a shared activity, which PillTime will organise. Full campaign details and the nomination form can be found at

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