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PillTime Care:

Better Medication Management for Care Providers

PillTime simplifies medication management, boosts adherence, and saves time and costs. Our Care Provider service is powered by our Automated Medication Dispensing System.

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A Modern Way of Managing Medication for Health & Social Care Providers

PillTime is an online pharmacy registered with the NHS.
When you sign up with PillTime Care as a Care Provider, you'll get access to unique benefits and support to help you provide the best care for your patients.

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Training and Onboarding
Pouches for each Resident
Delivery to your Care Home

Watch our video to learn more about PillTime Care.

Yes, there's AI and robots, but PillTime offers much more. This video discusses our special technology and pouching, and our strong commitment to the care sector. Enjoy watching!

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PillTime CQC report

PillTime's pouches are an improved method for using medicines safely. Automated medication dispensing systems like pouching offer many advantages over traditional compliance aids in health and social care settings. 

To learn more, please request the CQC report from 25 July 2022 below.

Enhanced Safety

Our automated medication management system reduces errors and ensures patients receive the correct medication at the right time. Labelled pre-packaged doses make it easy for patients and caregivers to know when and what medication to take, promoting adherence and complying with guidelines for person-centred care.

What is Pouching?

Medication Pouching is a safe and precise method that uses AI and robotics to package individual medication doses into tailored pouches.

It's eco-friendly and gaining popularity for reducing medication waste while supporting sustainable healthcare practices.

Approved by the NHS 

PillTime's pouching service improves patient medication adherence and reduces medication errors, as independently assessed and approved by the NHS during a pilot at Salford Royal Hospital. This modern solution can also reduce the overall burden on the NHS and improve health efficiency.
Trust PillTime's pouching service for the best patient care.

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