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Discover How PillTime Care Supports Care Providers

Are you seeking a solution to enhance medication management in your care home? PillTime is a pioneering NHS pharmacy designed to simplify medication routines for individuals across the UK. With our range of services, including free delivery and user-friendly pouches, our innovative approach enables users to stay on track with any prescribed treatments. Read on to discover how our medicine management system can benefit your care home:

Who are we?

So, who is PillTime, and how does our solution surpass traditional pharmacy services? We aim to simplify medication routines to benefit individuals of all ages by offering an accurate, streamlined medicine process.
We carefully pack NHS-prescribed medication into user-friendly pouches to achieve this, ensuring convenience and accuracy. These pouches are then delivered straight to the care provider's doorstep, free of charge.

How Can We Help Care Providers?

Implementing a streamlined medicine management system can bring significant benefits to care homes. Solutions such as PillTime enhance resident safety by reducing the risk of medication errors. With a well-organised system, the right medication is delivered in the correct dosage at the designated time, minimising the potential for confusion or mix-ups.

As well as this, PillTime uses pouching, a proven global practice that can significantly improve medication safety. Studies have shown that pouch packaging when compared to manual dispensing in care homes, can reduce dispensing errors by as much as 20 times.

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By utilising pouch packaging delivery solutions, care homes can help prevent potential adverse reactions and complications, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their residents.

How Can We Save Time?

Bottles, boxes, sachets, etc… can take time to sort out medication daily. This rings particularly true in care homes when workers oversee medication schedules for multiple individuals. That’s where streamlined medication solutions, like PillTime, can be greatly beneficial. With labelled pouches comprising NHS prescription medications, staff can save time on sorting and packaging, allowing them to focus more on providing direct care to residents.

This improves the overall productivity within the care home whilst allowing staff to dedicate more time to engaging in meaningful interactions with those living there.

Improving Accuracy 

Accuracy is a fundamental aspect of administering care medication. At PillTime, we recognise the importance of getting medicine management right. Our pouches are checked and verified by state-of-the-art technology and our dedicated team of pharmacists.

Through this comprehensive approach, we leave no room for error. We strive for excellence, guaranteeing that each pouch you receive from PillTime is precisely assembled and verified to meet your specific medication requirements.

Benefitting Residents 

Having a clear medicine management system benefits not only care homes but residents, too. By adopting an effective solution like PillTime, residents benefit from a more structured and dependable medication administration process.

This enhanced system instils a sense of organisation and reliability, fostering increased trust and confidence in the care home’s services.